The designers of the project

Many designers have given their best in order for you to completely immerse yourself in the environment and the adventure of the soldier and also to experience a museum visit in such a way that was, until now, completely unknown.

The room devoted to strategy and it’s virtual world, the elements of augmented reality and the contextual staging of a bunker are the work of the following specialists:


François Confino, Designer and director (Alphabeth SAS)
Véronique Rozen, Project manager (Explosition)
Mangeney Nina, Scenographer (Explosition)
Michel Helson, Concept lighting, audiovisual & media (Culturetech – Realisationseurope)


Christophe Kaempfer, Architect (AEC Architectes)


Christian Welter, Dernier Commandant du Fort (1980-1995)
Pierre Streit, Historien & Expert sur thèmes Réduit National & Militaire
Pascal Bruchez, Président ASMEM & Expert Militaire (ASMEM)
Christian Vaucher, Expert Militaire Forteresse (ASMEM)

Large scale work / service providers

Christophe Rebetez, Security expert (CR Conseils)
Küng + Associés SA, Lausanne
AebiTech SA, Belfaux
B+ C ingénieurs, Aigle
Aba-Géol SA, Fribourg
CR Conseils, Oron-la-Ville
OMA Consulting, Suisse Romande
SEControles, SA Nyon
Dryades ingénieurie foestière, Renens
Groupement forestier Leysin-Les Ormonts, Le Sépey
DesamTech SA, Givisiez
AiTV SA, Villeneuve
Agébat SA, Bulle
Boffetti Terrassements Sàrl, Les Evouettes
Cuenod-Payot Chablais SA, Aigle
ModiBeton SA, Monthey
Künzli Frères SA, Villeneuve
B. Schnider SA, Chailly sur Montreux
Atohm Sàrl, Crissier
AD-Engineering, Ecublens
Alvazzi groupe SA, Lausanne
L. Henry SA, Villeneuve
Pichart Design, Vouvry
Menuiserie Christian Aebischer, Pont
B. Pachoud & fils SA, Lausanne
ColorPlus Sàrl, Muraz

Sceneography / service providers

Férial Noel, Agencement Sénographique (Matières à Penser)
Frédéric Folie, Supply and installation of audiovisual equipment (Inytium)
Laurent Zumofen, Supply and installation of lighting equipment (Slight)
Gilles Boustani, Audio visual production (AnimaViva)
Sylvie Carlier, Audio visual production (AnimaViva)
Jean Damien, Audio visual production (AnimaViva)
Nicolas Vandooren, Sound production (Sonic Music)
Paula Mutel, Design and execution of graphics files (Agence Explosition)



Luana Menoud-Baldi, Manager


Sidonie Gerber, manager's assistant
Aurélien Bertinotti, safety engineer
Kevin Bigler, safety engineer

Upkeep & Maintenance

Steve Marinheiro, person responsible
Eric Babolat, maintenance

Operation & Services

Mauro Grassi, person responsible
Aurélie Taverney, collaborator cafeteria
Christiane Talon, collaborator ticket shop
Sylviane Goy, collaborator shop
Tamara Strub, collaborator reception
Romain Pittet, student
Marine Fankhauser, student

Texts & translation

Ladina Gisep Bachmann – Régis Gobet
Janet Sykes – Christina Miller


Ladina Gisep Bachmann, web, design, communication, beba it. web. grafik.

Olivier Pittet, events