An unforgettable visit

New technologies, a fun approach and interactivity permeate our three exhibitions. An omnipresent emotion as a common thread is embodied within sound and visual atmospheres.

Your visit will certainly focus on the Fort itself, but above all it is intended as a reflection of the adventure of a Swiss Soldier and the discovery of National redoubt (A defensive plan developed by the Swiss government beginning in the 1880’s to respond to foreign invasion) through quizzes, strategy games, augmented reality and 3D games.

Challenge your historical and geographical knowledge!

Immerse yourself in a military world in a memorable and fascinating way that you will never before have experienced. Discover the secrets of life within a bunker and the solders’ adventure within.

Your masterkey to begin an adventure within a soldier’s universe

In response to the warning decision and the threat of closure of the Fort of Chillon Museum by the Vaud Task Force COVID, the Fort of Chillon has decided that it will from now on be closed to the public.

Communication made to our visitors at the entrance of the bunker since the introduction of the pass-covid control on September, 13th 2021: "Fort of Chillon enters into resistance".

As of today, we have decided,

to Innovate, Rebound, Reinvent,

in order to continue to share with you our passion for this amazing place. We limit our activities to private, professional, school events or fixed groups such as an association with a maximum of 30 people.

Group option :
Prices from CHF 39.- to CHF 59.- per adult and from CHF 25.- to CHF 35.- per child (up to 15 years old)

Rental option :
Renting the Fort CHF 230.-/hour

School option :
School visit CHF 15.- per student and teacher

Contact us at or +41 21 552 44 55
(from Wednesday to Sunday)

The Association "Les Amis du Musée du Fort de Chillon" organises activities for its Active and Sympathising members in the Fort. Not only can you support the Fort de Chillon Museum through the association, but you can also benefit from various advantages linked to the Fort. Do not hesitate to join the association (Statutes-FR) by contacting the association!
or +41 78 232 96 10

The Fort de Chillon team remains at your disposal to help you spend unforgettable moments!

If you wish to support us in these hard times, become a member of the association Les Amis du Musée du Fort de Chillon !!!

All these measures will be lifted as soon as our authorities decide to abolish the pass-covid control.

The soldiers’ adventure

National redoubt

A defensive plan developed by the Swiss government beginning in the 1880’s to respond to foreign invasion.

Strategy games, augmented reality and 3D games

Dining at the Fort

Take a seat at the “Concordia Platz” where the soldiers sat before you and take a gourmet coffee break.

Gift shop

Treat yourself and your loved ones from our gift shop.

Browse our online shop. You will discover unique items and treasures from the Swiss Army and from within the “Fort Chillon“ range; to entertain or simply to please you.

Click on the link to open the shop within a new window.

Discover our gift shop at the end of your visit – designed within the old MM (ammunition store) – and admire the more than 5m high vault.

You will find a multitude of souvenirs that will remind you of your time on the shores of Lake Leman: unusual military objects, strategy and entertainment games, specialised literature and essential everyday products, to name but a few.

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