An unforgettable visit

Looking for a unique experience/activity during your stay in Montreux ?

Dive into an extraordinary adventure at Fort de Chillon: the new museum on the Swiss Riviera, offering an immersive, interactive experience !

A 2,125 m2 Super-Fortress hidden in a spectacular landscape between Lake and the surrounding mountains. It's the ideal place for adventure-seekers, families in search of entertainment or simply those curious to discover one of the region's best-kept secrets.

Book your tickets now and get ready to plunge into the heart of one of Switzerland's most fascinating fortresses.

Ideally located opposite the famous Château

Strategy games, augmented reality and 3D games

The soldiers’ adventure

National redoubt

A defensive plan developed by Switzerland from the 1880s onwards in response to a foreign invasion.

Your masterkey to begin an adventure within a soldier’s universe

As the maximum number of visitors in the bunker is limited, we strongly advise you to book your visits in advance.

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Dining at the Fort

With just 24 seats, our "Bistrot du Soldat" offers an immersive experience unique to the Riviera.

Enjoy our seasonal menu prepared by our talented (and generous) Chef!

To extend your experience, our dishes are served in a unique way: our classics are presented in bowls, recalling the authenticity of soldiers' meals. Here, however, this tradition is revisited with a touch of refinement and elegance.

Located in the heart of the rock in our Super-Fortress, just a stone's throw from Lake Geneva and a few minutes from Montreux.

Gift shop

Treat yourself and your loved ones from our gift shop.

Discover our gift shop at the end of your visit – built within the old MM (Ammunition store) - and admire the more then 5m high vault

You will find a multitude of souvenirs within the shop to remind you of your stay on the shores of lake Geneva; unusual military objects, strategy and entertainment games, specialized literature and even every day essential products.

Browse our online shop. You will discover unique items and treasures from the Swiss Army and from within the “Fort Chillon“ range; to entertain or simply to please you.

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